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Treating North Miami Beach Patients Holistically With Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Therapy
It might seem like a new technique for relieving pain and illness, but reflexology has been practiced in the United States since 1913. This form of alternative medicine focuses on something called zone therapy, which means that certain points on your ears, feet and hands target other areas of your body. Your left foot has reflex points for the left zone of your body, and your right foot focuses on your right side. A therapist will apply pressure to a spot on your ears, feet or hands that corresponds with the body part that is ailing you. Reflexology is not just a foot massage; it is an alternate practice that has been proven successful as far back as ancient China and Egypt.

Eliminating Toxins, Relieving Pain & Speeding Recovery

When a therapist practices reflexology on your feet, your nerves are stimulated. The technique also increases your blood circulation, which in turn boosts your energy. This zone therapy is also known to:
  • Eliminate toxins and infection
  • Stimulate your central nervous system
  • Help you relax and sleep better
  • Relieve pain from injury, surgery, migraine headaches and birthing
  • Speed up your recovery after an injury, surgery or pregnancy
  • Relieve depression and anxiety
  • Help with cancer and other serious illnesses
This is alternative medicine, which means it is designed to complement your current treatment regimen, and believe us, it does.

Serving the Doral & North Miami Beach Areas

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