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The Benefits Of A Therapeutic Stone Massage

A Therapeutic Stone Massage
A stone massage is a therapeutic treatment used to relax and soothes muscles, relieve chronic pain, and rejuvenate blood circulation in the body. This therapy can also provide renewed energy to the massage recipient.
A therapeutic stone massage can be beneficial whenever you feel mental or physical stress. Here are some things to consider when getting a therapeutic stone massage.

The Causes of Stressed and Sore Muscles

When you use muscles during exercise and movement, they can get overexerted and dehydrated. Small tears can then occur in the muscle fibers and become inflamed, stiff, and sore.
When the body senses these small tears, it releases toxic cellular compounds where the tears occur.

Stones Used For Therapeutic Massage

Volcanic basalt stones are most often used for massage therapy because they are smooth, flat, and available in sizes that are used on the face, hands, feet, and areas where muscles connect to bones.
The volcanic density of basalt stones allows them to be polished with a smooth finish. These smooth stones easily slide on the skin and can be pushed deeply into tense muscles.
As you massage these stones into the muscles, toxic cellular compounds are dispersed through the blood system to be eliminated from the body. The pressure of a stone massage can also suppress the release of more of these cellular compounds into the muscles.

Types of Stone Massage Therapies

Volcanic basalt stones can be used heated or cold, and also with or without oil.
Hot Stone Massage
For a heated stone massage, place stones into a stone warmer filled with water. The heated stones are then massaged into the body at acupressure points to increase blood flow and eliminate toxins. They can also be left in place to soothe and relax the muscles with heat.
Cold Stone Massage
For a cold stone massage, stones are placed in a refrigerator, freezer, or in a container filled with ice water. The cold stones are then placed on the body to reduce muscle swelling and increase blood circulation and/or left in place for pain relief.
Stone Massage With Oil
For a stone massage with oil, a massage therapist can apply warm oil directly to the body before pressing and placing massage stones. The application of this oil will warm the muscles and skin so that the stones slide easily over them.
Oil can also be applied to each of the massage stones prior to using them on the body. The oiled stones are then rubbed on the body and placed in specific locations to stimulate and rehydrate the muscles.
Stone Massage Without Oil
For a stone massage without oil, a massage therapist will press the stones directly into tight muscles and pressure points on the body. This pressure will quicken the blood flow to these areas and provide oxygenated blood to the muscles to enhance muscle recovery.

Benefits of a Therapeutic Stone Massage

Stone massages can be very effective when hot stone therapy and cold stone therapy are alternated during the same massage. These alternating therapies can boost the body's immunity, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, relieve muscle tension and pain, and relieve the symptoms of many conditions and diseases.

Preparations for a Therapeutic Stone Massage

When preparing for a stone massage, eat sparingly and drink plenty of water. Tie up long hair in a ponytail so the massage therapist can easily work on your neck and shoulders.
Relax and put your worries and mental problems aside while you have a therapeutic massage. Stretch your muscles before and after your massage to allow them to receive and retain the massage benefits.
For a relaxing therapeutic and sensory massage, make an appointment at Oriental Massage & Spa. One of our professional massage therapists can focus on specific areas of your body to make sure that you receive the maximum benefit from your stone massage that can last for many days.


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