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4 Reasons to Experience Deep Tissue Massage

Whether you have aches and pains from work or play, you may benefit from receiving a deep tissue massage. This type of massage is also beneficial for relieving psychological stress. A trained massage therapist, employed at a spa facility, can offer you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

With firm pressure and slow strokes, deep tissue massage differs from other massage methods, while targeting joints, muscle, and tissue. Deep tissue massage (DTM) can help your body heal itself from stress and discomfort. Here are a few ways this technique might benefit you.

1. DTM Is a Good Post-Workout Option 

Do you run, play sports or work out at the gym? If you suffer from sore and aching muscles after a strenuous workout, deep tissue massage may be beneficial. Some experts believe that massage helps loosen tight muscles that many experience after a physical workout.

Massage therapy after physical exertion may relieve some of the soreness and possibly prevent injury after working out. Muscles may recover faster after a post-workout massage as well.

2. DTM Targets Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive motion can be stressful on the joints and muscles. If your work involves doing repetitive activities, you may eventually experience what doctors refer to as repetitive stress injuries, or RSI. Any type of RSI may cause sore muscles and pain to the affected joint, tendon, or muscle. Deep tissue helps restore your range of motion and relieve some of the discomfort associated with repetitive stress.

Deep tissue massage facilitates healing to overworked muscles and tendons by improving blood flow and circulation. By doing so, toxins are released from the body, and this helps to ease inflammation. Your injured tissue and muscle may begin to heal and regain mobility and strength after a deep tissue massage. Scar tissue may be reduced, therefore there is less chance of retearing the tendon or muscle.

3. DTM May Improve Cardiovascular Health

If you are concerned about developing high blood pressure or hope to keep your blood pressure stabilized, think about receiving deep tissue massage. Studies show that DTM has an effect on blood pressure. Even after one session, blood pressure may be reduced.

In addition, studies show a correlation between deep tissue massage and reduced heart rate. During one study, participants experienced an average reduced heart rate of 10 beats per minute. For individuals with a fast heartbeat, deep tissue massage therapy may be beneficial.

4. DTM Helps Reduce Emotional Stress 

Physical stress is not the only cause for a person to feel poorly. Psychological or emotional stress can wreak havoc on the body as well. When you're depressed or unhappy, you may find it difficult to sleep and suffer from aches and pains also. You may be surprised to learn that a deep tissue massage may help you feel better emotionally.

As a psychological benefit, deep tissue massage helps to release hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin. Chemicals such as these are neurotransmitters in the brain which stimulate a response in the body. When released, these neurotransmitters help to regulate sleep. For example, serotonin may help you feel more positive and happy and relieve mild depression.

Keep in mind, that DTM may not be appropriate for some individuals with conditions such as skin rashes, fractures, or trauma to a joint.

For serious health concerns and conditions, always consult your physician before seeking alternative treatment. Ask your health care provider if deep tissue massage is right for you and your health needs. With your doctor's approval, head over to your favorite massage spa and get started on a massage wellness program to benefit you both physically and psychologically.


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