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Relax in North Miami Beach With an Asian Massage

A therapist who specializes in Asian massage can do more than knead away your pain. Manipulation of your muscle tissue has numerous benefits. A regular visit to Oriental Massage & Spa in North Miami Beach can help you:
  • Alleviate back pain.
  • Stimulate lymph nodes to boost immunity.
  • Exercise muscles.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Improve blood circulation and skin condition.
  • Increase energy while decreasing anxiety.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Improve concentration and focus.
These are just some of the benefits you receive from touch. Asian massage improves your wellness, which is why so many people have added it to their program.

Types of Treatment

Asian Massage: Shiatsu, Tui Na & Thai
There are three types of deep tissue massage from which you will benefit. Each has their own technique and results.
  • Shiatsu Massage: Your therapist will apply pressure to various points throughout your body when performing shiatsu massage. This improves your circulation and increases your energy. It also provides relief from pain, respiratory illness, digestive illness and menstrual issues.

  • Tui Na Massage: Your energy, skeletal alignment and soft tissues are what the practitioner will focus on when performing tui na massage. If you are modest, this practice is for you, as you can keep your clothes on. Expect improvement in your blood circulation, infertility issues, intestinal illness and stress.

  • Thai Massage: To relieve your stress and give you an overall sense of happiness, Thai massage combines energy meridian focus, point pressure and stretching all in one treatment. Many people say this multiple approach leaves them feeling the most relaxed they have ever felt.
We can help you determine which technique will work best for your needs. Just tell us what’s bothering you, and we’ll do the rest.

Serving the Doral & North Miami Beach Areas

Oriental Massage & Spa has been helping people in South Florida since 2005. We offer an alternative approach to relieving your illness, pain and stress.